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The Tygarts Valley Middle/High School Band will be performing one of the most creative and complex shows in school history during the 2022 marching season.

The legends of ancient Egypt have brought amazement, wonder and sometimes danger for countless generations. These epic tales that span millennia are masterfully crafted with recognizable harmonies, rhythms and icons that will teleport you back in time over 2000 years. The world of ancient Egypt was one of wonder from the great pyramids to the tombs at the Valley of the Kings across the river from the Egyptian capital Thebes. 

Enter the PharaohThis introduction features simple cultural rhythms and melodic motifs of the region that establish  for mystery and adventure.


The Curse of Ra: With a subtle introduction that begins with melodic percussion and the methodical entry of the winds and battery this movement is reminiscent of Moses leading his people out of Egypt. The buildup to a majestic ending provides a sense of Ra's power and greatness.


Depicting many rituals of Egyptian culture, Sands of the Pyramids begins with a wild ride through the Valley of the Nile. The musical conversation between the winds and percussion embraces joy and the freedom of dance often found in the celebrations of the region. 

Enter the Pharaoh
The Curse of Ra
Sands of the Pyramids


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