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As the year progresses, important student information will be available on our website. 




Second Semester rehearsals have begun!  All music will be distributed in class and available under "Student Resources" on this page.  Students who are quarantining, should continue to practice music being worked on in class. 

Music/Band Terminology Worksheet

Download this worksheet under "Student Resources" to the left.  This is basically a band vocabulary worksheet.  Band members will be responsible for all of the terms on the worksheet.  

Weekly Practice Form

Practice your instrument as much as possible.  You can download music and a scale sheet (under the "Student Resources").  Again, there is also a link to fingering charts in the "Student Resources" section.

Regardless of what you play, just play!  Try to play each day.  Keep track of how many minutes you practice each day.  On Saturday evening of each week, click on the "Weekly Practice Form" and enter your practice times (number of minutes) for each day of the week.  If you didn't practice on a particular day, enter 0.  Your parents will receive a code that they must enter before you can send your practice form to Mr. Caplinger.  This verifies that you did practice!  Parents will receive this code by Saturday via email.  We will begin using the "Weekly Practice Form" every week beginning this week.

**Paper "Weekly Practice Forms" are available from Mr. Caplinger for those students who have limited internet access.


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